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Adil Zayn

Adil Zayn

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Trainee Solicitor

Adil read Law at the University of Law, London. He joined CITYWIDE Solicitors as a Trainee Solicitor in September 2023. 

Before joining the firm, Adil was an experienced Immigration Caseworker and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Immigration, Asylum and Human Rights law. He is currently completing terms in Civil Litigation, including Family & Family Finance, Wills & Probate, including contested Probate, Employment, Negligent and Contract law.

Adil has overseen very complex asylum and NRM claims. He has almost 100% record in obtaining both Asylum Registration Cards and permission to work, for asylum claimants. As part of his term in Immigration, Asylum and Human Rights law, Adil involved in many deportation appeal claims involving Removal Directions (RDs) and supports firm’s Complex asylum & Deportation and Removal Team, contributes positively to the work of that complex and demanding areas of the firm’s work.

Adil collaborates with the firm’s Immigration Team in all Sponsorship License and Certificate (COS) of Applications for both employers and employees, and in all their applications for Bail before the First-Tier Tribunal, Statutory Review Applications as well as Judicial Reviews proceedings.

Adil is dependable, professional and relates very well with all stakeholders and agents of the firm, such as, Court Officers, Barristers, Social Worker, Surveyors etc. 

Adil is very client oriented and strives for excellence. He also pursues the best for each client.

Client-Centric Approach

Adil goes beyond the courtroom by working diligently to simplify complex legal concepts, ensuring clients are well-informed throughout the legal process. He considers the concerns of clients as paramount and is resolute in ensuring that clients go through their legal process well-informed and unfazed.

Outside of Work


Outside of work, Adil enjoys traveling, learning about other cities and cultures. Additionally, Adil has a love for sports, particularly playing volleyball and squash. 

He is committed to developing the youth in the community. As a local Youth Leader, he fosters positive engagement among the younger generation and is a bridge between the older and the young generation.

Adil actively engages in charitable work, organizing events for community well-being, including support for the local food bank.

Legal Education Workshops: 

Adil provides pro bono advice in the community, to assist those who are unable to gain access to good legal advice or cannot afford one. He has joined CITYWIDE Solicitors’ pro bono project which runs weekly at the firm’s Tooting branch.

Mentoring Programs: 

Committed to professional development, Adil actively mentors aspiring legal professionals, providing guidance and support to those navigating the early stages of their legal careers.

Adil has a love for the community and wishes everyone would feel the same way.

What Our Clients Say About Adil

“I highly recommend Mr Adil at CITYWIDE Solicitors, especially for all your immigration matters. He successfully helped me in a very complicated immigration matter. He is easily approachable over the phone. Thank you CITYWIDE, I highly recommend them.”

I had the privilege of working with Mr. Adil for my immigration-related legal matters, and I cannot express how grateful I am for his exceptional expertise. Mr. Adil is truly outstanding in the field of Immigration Law.

His ability to simplify complex legal terminologies and processes is commendable. Mr. Adil went above and beyond to ensure that I fully understood every aspect of my case, making the entire process much more manageable and less overwhelming.

I am thoroughly impressed with his dedication, professionalism, and extensive knowledge in the field. Mr. Adil’s guidance and support throughout my immigration journey were invaluable, and I can confidently say that I am fully satisfied with the service he provided.

I highly recommend Mr. Adil to anyone seeking assistance with Immigration Law. His commitment to his clients and his exceptional skills make him a standout professional in his field. Thank you, Mr. Adil, for your outstanding service!”


Adil is fluent in Hindi and Urdu, and basic/good in Punjabi.

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