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CITYWIDE is a licensed solicitor who represents and defends a client’s legal interests as well as offers specialised legal advice on a variety of legal topics.

Based in the UK London, we accept orders from clients, including people, groups, government agencies, and private businesses, and also counsel the best legal courses of action. As their first initial point of contact, we collaborate closely with clients as a solicitor. The topics CITYWIDE solicitors provide  range from personal ones (like wills and divorces) to business-related ones (such as mergers and acquisitions).

What are CITYWIDE solicitors Abilities?

What are Citywide solicitors abilities ?

  • Integrity, professionalism, and a respect for secrecy
  • abilities to solve problems
  • abilities in analysis and research
  • excellent communication abilities in both writing and spoken
  • Precision and attention to detail Effective negotiation abilities
  • commitment, perseverance, and fortitude
  • Working with a larger team, as well as your customer and other businesses, requires interpersonal skills.
  • the capacity to prioritise activities, organise work, and manage time
  • When adjusting to conditions and scenarios that change, having professional skills and flexibility
  • resilience and assurance.

Will & Probate

What is a will? A will is a legal document that outlines your preferences for your assets and the care of any minor children in the event of your passing. Your wishes could not be recognised and carried out if you don’t. Even though planning for the future is challenging, it might be the greatest way to take care of your family and keep them from having to deal with unneeded financial issues during a trying time. With so much on the line, it may come as a shock to find that 60% of UK people do not have a will. It’s necessary to have a will in place, but it’s even more crucial to get it correctly. Long-term benefits of making sure everything is in order may be enjoyed by your family. But all is not lost if the will contains a wrong name or if there have been other instances of careless will writing. We are adept at dealing with situations like these.

What is probate? In order to fulfil the instructions and demands listed in a person’s will, you must get probate. It also includes the entire estate-settling procedure, which often entails paying off any debts and allocating any assets they may have possessed in accordance with their will. It is often advised that you employ a professional to handle the estate settlement if you are seeking to settle the estate of a loved one since they are knowledgeable about the procedures and processes involved. You can feel more at ease at what can be a delicate and challenging moment by opting to hire a professional who has experience in probate.

How are wills and probates handled incorrectly?

In the area of wills and probate, lawyers may be requested to deal with issues like estate distribution or figuring out how to pay less in inheritance tax. In addition, they could be required to set up powers of attorney so that, in the event of incapacitation, a client’s chosen and trusted representative might take care of their legal affairs. Additionally, this can entail allocating assets on the client’s behalf after their passing. Wills must be drafted properly and professionally, which is crucial. The correct conduct of the next probate procedure is equally crucial. As a result, the probate procedure and the will go hand in hand since a bad will might prevent the estate from being resolved.

Employment Law

Employment law covers a wide range of issues, such as resource hiring, behaviour, advancement, workplace complaints, and voluntary or involuntary termination of employment. An employer, a group of employees, or a single employee may all be represented by an employment lawyer. If representing the employee(s), the attorney will be in charge of gathering and compiling research and information, drafting pertinent papers, giving advice, conducting arbitration and negotiation of disputes, and structuring the settlement agreement. Aside from advising businesses and institutions on how to respond to claims, an employment lawyer’s duties also include gathering and researching HR policies that focus on all aspects of the employment contract and, when necessary, conducting talks with both the employer and labor unions.

Human Rights

On a daily basis, a human rights advocate may be in charge of advocating for their client in court, arguing their case before a judge, or researching the law in relation to their client’s problems. Additionally, they could collaborate with legal research assistants to assign research duties, speak with authorities in certain legal fields, or create legal papers on behalf of their clients. Pro bono work is when an attorney works on a client’s case entirely out of their own free will. Some human rights attorneys also engage in this practice. This is a particularly crucial duty for a human rights attorney since clients who suffer from human rights breaches sometimes lack the ability to fight for themselves and can only get assistance through pro bono programmes.

Family & Child

Family lawyers exist to assist clients in comprehending their circumstances and resolving any problems associated with a certain familial structure. They can provide advise on the grounds for divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, prepare separation agreements, and draught pre-nuptial agreements to safeguard financial interests before marriage. Family attorneys may provide advice on equitable asset division and help ensure that appropriate financial settlements are made after divorce. Family lawyers manage matters involving children, such as contact, residency, and access. They also make it easier to resolve certain concerns about a child’s upbringing, such who has parental authority to make particular choices for the kid.


To assist you with your immigration case, you can employ  immigration Solicitors that are legally competent counsel. They may also be known as lawyers, consultants, or caseworkers. Because immigration law is so complicated, they may help you with legal advice and practical steps to follow, as well as with gathering evidence and writing your application. For instance, they can make sure a person has the right visa to leave or enter the country. Your immigration Solicitor can offer guidance and counsel in a wide range of immigration law issues. This might involve assisting people, corporations, and asylum seekers with visa applications and renewals.


CITYWIDE has the knowledge, credentials, and expertise to assist people who are in debt in making sense of their financial difficulties. A kind of consumer law, the area of law devoted to defending consumers against deceptive commerce and credit practices, is the representation of clients in disputes against debt collectors. Debt solicitors represent clients in litigation brought by credit card companies and other lenders, negotiate settlements with creditors, and file for bankruptcy when a client’s financial situation is beyond repair.

We possess a practice certificate, which attests to their complete training and insurance. These are typically on display at offices. To be extra certain, you may also verify with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. Finally, make sure you get along well with your lawyer. Even straightforward legal processes may be challenging, but having a helpful expert on your side can make things much less difficule

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