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With this option, there is no financial risk to you. If you lose your case you will not have to pay for Solicitors fees and this is the risk we take on your behalf. If we win your case we take a percentage of the damages (up to 25%).

On some matters, we have fixed fee options available. This means that a lawyer will assess your situation and provide you with a fixed fee to assist with your case. This gives you a level of cost certainty to get you to a particular resolution. For some areas, we are able to do this in stages of your case which gives you even more flexibility.

This is the traditional fee structure which means that a lawyer will assess your case and provide a fully flexible option on an hour-by-hour basis. You will be given information about the likely overall cost of your matter and you will be updated as to these costs.

We will investigate the possibility of funding your case through a legal expense insurance policy. This is a service that comes with some insurance policies and other financial products. It can be used to cover part or all of your costs. Your lawyer can take you through this option if it is available.

Some union and membership organisations offer legal cover within the membership benefits. If you are a member of such an organisation you should inform your lawyer who will be able to give you assistance and advise on the options available. For more information about our fees please call 020 3490 1221 or submit an inquiry form and a member of the team will contact you to discuss your situation.

The consultation gives you the opportunity to meet an expert in person, discuss your matter and receive a piece of legal advice. The aim of the appointment for us is to understand your problems and gather information related to your case. Then we will advise you on your legal position and what steps to take next.

Many different topics are covered by our clinic. You will be able to receive an assessment on a very broad range of legal issues, although whether we can discuss your case depends upon the available expertise of your solicitor. We will give priority to the specific areas of law available in Our Services.

To attend one of our free initial advice consultations, either call our offices on 020 3490 1221 or 020 8355 3466, email us at admin@citywidesolicitors.co.uk or complete a new client enquiry form. We will always endeavour to offer you the first available appointment. If you are unable to attend your free 20-minute appointment, please inform us as soon as possible and we will try to reschedule this for you if needed. Demand for these consultations is always high and if you are unable to attend, we would like to be able to offer the appointment to someone else.

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