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Wendy Akaigwe

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Associate Consultant Solicitor

Wendy is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. She has a dual legal qualification. She is also admitted to the rolls of Chartered Institute of Legal Executives as a Legal Executive (CILEX). Her area of capacity in law is therefore very broad.

Wendy has worked in both private and public sectors. As a civil servant for some years, she worked for the Home Office as a Presenting Officer, presenting appeal matters and for the Government Legal Department, dealing with complex immigration and human rights-related Judicial Review matters, some of which were in the Upper tribunal and the Administrative Court, Kings’ Bench Division of the high Court, Strand.

Wendy handles many Sponsorship Licence and Certificate of Application (COS) applications for both employers and employee. She handles Bail Applications before the First-Tier Tribunal for immigration Applicants. 

Wendy also handles appeals at every level of the UK Tribunal system, she deals  with Statutory Review Applications, as well as Judicial Reviews proceedings.

As a seasoned advocate, Wendy has appeared before the First-Tier Tribunal for many immigration Appellants, in appeal and bail related immigration matters, including Business Immigration  with very high success rate. As an Advocate at CITYWIDE Solicitors, she has achieved almost 100% success in her appeals. Wendy is an outstanding lawyer.

Notable Matter

An example of the complex matters she has successfully dealt with was representing a mother, whose minor child was refused a settlement visa to join her in the UK. About seventeen years earlier, the mother had left her then two-year old child with a friend in her country of origine when she herself was brought to the UK to join her uncle as a young woman. When the client eventually obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain and could apply for the child to join her in the UK it had been over fifteen years plus. The application for visa by the child was refused by the Home Office. The team of lawyers at CITYWIDE Solicitors took on the complex appeal matter. They obtain DNA proof that the client was the mother of the child, prepared detailed witness statement of the mother and gathered substantial evidential proof that the client had been making financial maintenance of the child to her friend in her country of origin and that the client made all key decisions pertaining to the child, Wendy, as an advocate, in this case, vigorously successfully represented the Appellant’s before the Tribunal. As a team, lawyers who worked on the matter successfully proved to the Judge that the mother had sole responsibility for the upbringing of her child and that there were exceptional circumstances which would makes not allowing the child to be reunited with the mother in the UK undesirable and unlawful. Just a week after the hearing, the Judge allowed the appeal on Immigration ground and held that the decision by the Home Office refusing the child’s application for settlement visa was unlawful. Wendy has had many more such successful outcomes.

Areas of work

As well as Immigration, Asylum and Human Rights matters, Wendy deals with civil matters in the firm, such as, Arbitration, Family and Family Finance matters, Landlord & Tenant, Employment & Discrimination cases, road traffic and insurance issues as well as Will drafting. 

As an excellent advocate, Wendy drafts Particular of Claim, Defence, Reply, Skeleton Arguments, Witness Statements and interlocutory applications. 

Wendy is part of the firm’s Complex Asylum, Deportation and Removal Team. Her work is outstanding. She strives for nothing less than the best result for every client.

Outside of Work

Wendy loves fine dining; she appreciates high-quality cuisine and enjoy spending time with friends and family.

She also loves traveling, exploring new destinations, and learning about other cultures.


Wendy is fluent in Italian and proficient in Ibo Language.

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